Some of my favorite organizing books:

It's All Too Much, by Peter Walsh. Peter got famous for his work on the TV show Clean Sweep. He's written a number of books, and this is by far my favorite.

Digging Out, by Michael Tompkins and Tamasa Hartl. This is the book I most often recommend for those dealing with friends or relatives with compulsive hoarding issues. This book focuses on how to help a hoarded who isn't open to getting therapy - and perhaps dosen't even see that there's a problem. There's a huge emphasis on harm reduction, because often that's the all you can really do.

Conquering Chronic Disorganization, by Judith Kolberg. Both the book and Judith are quite well known in organizing circles, and with good reason. This is a slim book packed with good ideas. Some seemed odd to me - but I've found they work! It traditional organization approaches haven't worked for you, some of these suggestions might be helpful.

Some of the many places to donate, recycle, or give things away:

Your local Human Society can probably use blankets and towels.

Pickup Please (

Stores that carry great organizing products: